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brick step intallation


When it comes to outdoor construction and brickwork, all features and structures must be made with excellent workmanship to enhance a property’s appearance and potentially increase its value.


Bricks are a popular material for paving and construction, and it always gives your home a beautiful look. No matter what kind of brick you’re looking to add, Prestige Concrete and Grading can assist you with all your brick landscaping needs. We specialize in brick step installation, and we can design and build beautiful steps for your outdoor space. Our professional team can install brick steps up to your patio or porch, or we can create walkways all over your yard. We can make your vision come to life!


We also specialize in brick mailbox installation. If you want to add unique brick features to your property, a brick mailbox will give your home a sophisticated touch, and it adds a level of sturdiness and protection to your mailbox. We follow all local codes and guidelines to ensure your mailbox is up to standard. Let an expert take care of all the hard work for you!


We’re proud to provide brick and concrete services to the Greensboro, NC, area. Contact us for brick steps, mailbox, and patio installation, and schedule your free estimate today.

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